Devastation Upon The Battlefield


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Devastation Upon The Battlefield


released March 13, 2017



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Nuclear Warfare Bangkok, Thailand

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Track Name: Nuclear Warfare - Total Devastation
Our eternal hatred is destructive
No one can stop us anymore
We’re waiting for the Massacre Ritual
You don't even know what we can do

Command to kill, Make you die slowly
Our weapons are growing with power and fury
Assassins will destroy wherever you are
Reign of death is calling now

Total Devastation

Your body will burn
You will never hurt
The body will be sent into the hell
The hatred is dropped upon this Earth
Track Name: Nuclear Warfare - War Command
In the Dawn of Sinai,
Mirage high Rising to The Sky
Let us Join The Beginning to
Serve The Vengeance to them All
Fury of Jet Bomber Awaken Roar
Warfare of the Base Mankind
Delivered from Beyond the Dark Conscience

War Command Hand to Hand Fight
Make Them Join The Bloodshed

We Thirst to do Warfare
for Oppress the Enemies
To Wake from their Dreams
and Confront the Legion in Reality
When the Siren Propaganda was Roaring
Critical Minutes has Rise on Radar
The First Cannonball is Signal of Assault
Command in Meaning of Race
We must Win or We must Die
Surprising Fly through the Promise Land

Will They Bombard All Holy Dust
Bloodbath The Religionist
Frog-7 is the News Faith
Cluster Bombs From Our Veins
Decree the Ruination for
Carnage of the Living Death
Track Name: Nuclear Warfare - Burn Your World
Awoken Terror of Thousand Wars
Vision of Coming Invading Force
Enemies of Weapons Destroy Our Life
Warriors of Thousand Need to Fight

Bodies That Lay on The Ground
The Screams of Pain My Comrades Fall
Full of Gas it's in the Air
The Means of Life is will to the End

Hunting and Killing's Their Game
Raping Women Wasting The Man
Attack to Destroy The World
They stand for Fight
To Fill Death's to Fucking War

Burn off Your World
I am The Warfare
Burn off your World
I am The Flames

War is Here Now,
The Future will Stop
Apocalypse Take our Lives
Hope for Survival, Await of your Fate
Try to Run Try to Scream
Doomsday has Returned
As The World Burn
Track Name: Nuclear Warfare - Arrival of the Loss
Will to Dissolve the League of Nations
Due to the Weakness that shouldn't be
Come Arrived Desperately
Land for the Race of Orography

Everyone Fear Everyone Died
Go Ahead and Screaming Wild
Through the Vest Kingdom to Find
Sword Thrust on the Body
and Heard their Cry

Arrival of The Loss

Exhaustion to Seize the Opportunity
Invading to the Vast Territory
Seek the Region for the new Spree
Massive Killing and Conquered Gracefully
Every Region for Cherish and Possession

Riding on the Eastern Storm
Massacre the Entity of Nation
Bring our Missile to Bombard
Flying High and Mightily

Degeneration of the Sanction
Indifferency without the Action
Unleashed to the Domination
Every Region for Cherish and Possession

Riding on the Eastern Storm
Massacre the Entity of Nation
Bring our Missile to Bombard
Flying High and Mightily
Track Name: Nuclear Warfare - Beer Hammers
Rise up the Flag of Metal up High
Proud to be Metalhead or You Fucking Die
The Bloody Axes And
Hammers for Satanic Lust
A Thousand Pack of Beer is a Fucking Must

Turn on the Hell Metal out Loud all Night
We Head-Bang and Ready to Fuck and Fight
Satan Metal Soldiers are all here
We Possessed by Metal and Beer

Beer Hammers
We are Alcoholic, We are Beer Hammers
We are Satanic, We are Beer Hammers
We are Siamese, We are Beer Hammers

Salute to the Alcoholic Metal Maniac
All Beer is Our Best
Worship the Lords of Metal and Fuck the Rest
Motorhead, Venom,Sodom,Kreator
Track Name: Nuclear Warfare - Soldier of Hell
Human Intrusion by the Cause War
An Irate with the each other
Finally They will wither and They will Die
Must end with a fierce of Death

Soldiers of Hell
Return to Destroyed Hateful of Man

Human Intrusion The War an Irate With Each
Final They must Die end with Fierce of Death
Tank is a Tool to Fight must Not Rest Even Life
Bring The Victory to The Fire
Track Name: Nuclear Warfare - Evilthrone
Hostile Blasphemy defloration the All Fairies
Punish by the Flamy Postscript
of the Perpetual Mortality
Struggle in the End From Abyss
All Those Friend is Back
Distill the Vengeful Hatred
Led to the Judgement

Cacodaemon Spawn Assail by the Abysmal Blaze
Revenge with the Victory of Hell
Curse Upon the Flesh of Christians

The Son of Satan Revelate Upon the Ground Of Doom
Warriors Spirit Delirious Sin
Creationary Rites of the Expiation
Demised Command for Enshrine
The Roaring Horn Devote the Dying
Drag the Creed to the Ablaze Flame
For Judge and Eradicate the Wicked
Screaming for the Pain Burning by the Martyrdom
Stab for the Treacherousness
for Thy Bloodshed....SATAN
Track Name: Nuclear Warfare - War is Starting Now!!
Warriors of the Murders, Kill on The Ground
Humanity is Dying, Screaming in the Pain
Hell of this Field will take your Soul
The Death will come and all will be Lost
Destroy your History and All of Humanity
See what has been and What the Future See
You know there is Nothing to save us now
The Time has come to Destroy the Earth

Destroy Everything of the Humanity
Fate Silent Warriors Sleeping Soul Will Rise
In This Battle Field Every Have to Die

War is Starting Now
Victim of War, Vicious Circle
Destroy Everything and
All Humanity on the Earth

Walk with me to The End of All
Burn The Victim Nothing Save Us
You know there is All will be Lost
The Time Has Come
To Destroy The Earth

Destroy Everything and All of
Humanity on The Earth

War is Starting Now
Victim of War
Burn Your Victory
For Your History
In The Unholy Battle Field
Who Will To Be Won!!!